BodiDerm Skin Care


421e9f2e34cdfa7c51580f4c42be2c5e56a5d96edef7e5843abf7292f915dBodiDerm Paramedical Skin Care contains what are known as active ingredients. These are botanical and organic substances that show therapeutic benefits to the skin once they are applied.

BodiDerm scientists are driven by a profound passion to develop product formulations that deliver real skincare benefits using the highest standards of ingredient selection with innovative processes that retain the ingredients’ purity and strength. Our proprietary formulations ensure maximum stability and optimum results.

  • NO artificial colours, preservatives (Parabens) fragrances or irritants
  • Our formulas are plant based and chirally correct
  • Medically Engineered
  • Scientifically proven
  • Liposomal coating for maximum penetration
  • NO Retin A which is toxic to the liver and body
  • Vitamin A- Retinaldehyde maximises stimulation of collagen and elastin. Non-toxic and is easily absorbed.
  • Vitamin B- Niacinamide B3 acts as a barrier repair. Essential stimulator of blood supply to the skin.
  • Vitamin C- L Ascorbic Acid state of the art anti-oxidant.
  • Growth Factors- 150+ derived from stem cells- one of the most innovative developments in redesigning scar tissue and wound healing.
  • Peptides- Amino Acid blend with added DNA repair mechanism- peptides are the basic building blocks for cells.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- Medical grade skin moisturiser that is non clogging.


BodiDerm Scientists use an array of industry-first technologies generating clinically-validated results. We accomplish superior efficacy while nurturing long-term skin health. To obtain lasting results we have strategically formulated skincare solutions inspired by the many pathways that exist in the layers of the skin.

We are the only Australian company using an array of quality Peptides available in the marketplace. Some of our products contain up to 8 different Peptides. The use of 8 Peptides is much better than other companies that use only two or three peptides. Peptides are by far the most efficient at reducing fine lines and wrinkles as they strengthen the cell wall to slow down the ageing process and even help reverse it.

BodiDerm is PH balanced so this rules out the use of toners. Our products contain skin neutral PH that mimics your own skins natural PH levels supporting long term skin health.

All BodiDerm Skincare products are formulated to be used synergistically for complete compatibility. Our skincare protocols were designed with this compatibility in mind thus making them easy to use at home with superior absorption and results.

Contact us for a full range of these amazing medically engineered products and salon professional prices.


CLEAR CLEANSE  Purifying Cleanser

Deep Exfoliating

30mL / 120mL

Skin type: Oily / Acneic

Benefits: Removes debris & toxins. Skin feels super clean without stripping the natural barrier

Application: 2-3 pea size with water, lather, massage & rinse


Lightening Complex

5mL / 30mL

Skin Type: Pigmented / Acneic

Benefits: reduces pigment formation & calms

Application: Can use as step 2 to spot treat or apply all over daily 2 weeks PRE Rx to inhibit POST inflammatory pigment formation

EYECRYSTAL SERUM  Liquid Crystal Eye Intense

Instant Remodelling

15mL Roller Ball Dispenser

Skin Type: All / Dehydrated / Lined

Benefits: Extreme plumping & remodelling of delicate eye area

Application: Apply ¼ pea size to fingertip, warm between 2 fingers & apply to outer eye area in PM after other serums applied

HYDRA- A   Ultra A Serum

Instant Ageing Repair +


Skin Type: All – Level 2 Vitamin A

Benefits: Remodels, protects & restores healthy skin. Recalibrates skin to function in its youthful state. Graduate up to this Ultra Potent Vitamin A formula

Application: Apply 1-2 pea size AM & PM as STEP 2. Can be mixed with other serums

HYDRA – C  Ultra C Serum

DNA Restoration C + Peptides


Skin Type: All

Benefits: Complete skin rejuvenation through DNA repair & cellular stimulation.  Anti-pigmentation, aids damaged capillaries & abnormal cell formation.

Application: Apply 1-2 pea size AM & PM as step 2. Can mix with other serums


Lipids + Peptides

15mL Roller Ball Dispenser

Skin Type: All / Dehydrated / Lined

Benefits: Intense hydrator that cools, heals, plumps & promotes collagen. Prevents dehydration

Application: Apply AM + PM with rollers. Can leave to absorb or gently massage in with finger tips. Re-apply as required

SUPERDERM  Ultra Stem Cell Serum

Epidermal Growth Factor + Peptide


Skin Type: All

Benefits: Complete skin rejuvenation. Epidermal growth factor & peptide aiding optimal skin health & scar reversal. Can be used immediately post needling & non-invasive Rxs. Vital armour for ultimate skin protection

Application: Apply 1-2 pea size AM & PM as STEP 2. Can mix with other serums

364-hydra-cleanse-copyHYDRA CLEANSE  Hydrating Cleanser


30mL / 120mL

Skin type: Dry / Inflamed / Sensitive / Normal

Benefits: Calms & hydrates whilst removing makeup / debris. Repairs barrier

Application: 2-3 pea size, massage & rinse or remove with soft cloth / chamois

AGE REPAIR ABC  -Instant Ageing Repair Serum A

Vitamins ABC

15mL / 30mL

Skin Type: Normal / Sun Damaged / Sensitive / Inflamed

Benefits: Calms & instigates epidermal remodeling. Stimulates collagen & removal of scar tissue

Application: 1-2 pumps to clean skin as STEP 2: AM & PM

REHYDRADERM   Revival Serum

Dehydration Weapon + B3 + Peptides

15mL / 30mL

Skin Type: Lipid deficient & Post Rx

Benefits: Intense hydrating restoration serum that soothes, protects & nourishes. Prevents dryness, heals, plumps & repairs damage

Application: 1-2 pumps as STEP 4 if needed: AM & PM. Can be applied as STEP 2 if active serums cannot be applied


15mL / 30mL

Enriched Formula

Skin Type: Lipid deficient / Barrier Impaired

Benefits: Will instantly soothe, protect & nourish dehydrated skin with vitamins, NMFs & healing oils

Application:  2-3 pea size after active serums

HYDRAPROTECT  Zinc Screen Clear

B3 Enriched

15mL / 30mL

Ingredients: Active: Titanium Dioxide 8% / Zinc Oxide 4%

Skin Type: All

Benefits: Protects, calms, hydrates & nourishes supplying skin with vital NMF’s & anti-oxidants

Application: 2 pumps as last STEP or before make-up in AM. Re-apply if needed during UV exposure. Can be used PM as last STEP as night moisturizer if needed

RESCUE SPRAY  Revive Soothing Spray

Anti-inflammatory Aid

50mL / 250mL

Skin Type: All skin types in need of calming & healing

Benefits: Immediately calms heated, irritated skins. Assists wound healing

Application: Spray liberally as needed to cool & soothe

HYDRA – B  Ultra B Serum

Instant Radiance Serum


Ingredients: Niacinamide 10%, L-Lactic Acid, Panthenol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Rose Water

Skin Type: All

Benefits: Potent immune protection, anti-inflammatory, inhibits pigmentation, balances moisture & repairs barrier. Radiance restored immediately.

Application: 1-2 pea size AM & PM as step 2. Can mix with other serums