BodiDerm Paramedical Skin Solutions – Medically Engineered Skin Care

We have spent over 30 years in the Medical & Beauty Industry and have  formulated an exclusive product to treat all skin conditions. Our product has only top quality ingredients in the purest form and strengths. It does not contain parabens, propylene glycol or invasive forms of Vitamin A. BodiDerm Skin products are designed for clinics wishing to offer clients medically formulated skin solutions without any side effects. They are non toxic and have quality vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acids, anti – inflammatory and enriched with Vitamins A, B, C.

The use of these products gives not only instant, but long term results. Our range includes Back Bar or Professional peels, serums and enzymes for clinic treatments. They are extremely useful pre and post laser, IPL, RF and microdermabrasion treatments or for acne, rosacea and sun damaged skins.

BodiDerm Paramedical Skin Care contains what are known as active ingredients. These are organic substances that show therapeutic and measureable benefits to the skin once they are applied.


·      NO artificial colours, preservatives (Parabens) fragrances or irritants

·      Our formulas are plant based and chirally correct

·      Medically Engineered

·      Scientifically proven

·      Liposomal coating for maximum penetration

·      NO Retin A which is toxic to the liver and body


·      Vitamin A- Retinaldehyde maximises stimulation of collagen and elastin. Non-toxic and is easily absorbed.

·      Vitamin B- Niacinamide B3 acts as a barrier repair. Essential stimulator of blood supply to the skin.

·      Vitamin C- L Ascorbic Acid state of the art anti-oxidant.

·      Growth Factors- 150+ derived from stem cells- one of the most innovative developments in redesigning scar tissue and wound    healing.

·      Peptides- Amino Acid blend with added DNA repair mechanism- peptides are the basic building blocks for cells.

·      Hyaluronic Acid- Medical grade skin moisturiser that is non clogging.

Bodiderm Clinical Benefits

Revolutionary fusion of vitamins scientifically proven to re-encode damaged blueprints within our DNA

Stimulates collagen & elastin to restore damaged underlying structures

Triggers youthful function to ageing & scarred skins

Restores plumpness that replicates a healthy skin profile

Flaky, sensitive skin barriers restored to dramatically reduce inflammation

Inhibits free radical damage with potent anti-oxidant levels

Reduces phototoxic cascade to eliminate all signs of ageing & skin trauma

Repairs vascular injuries, relieving visible surface vessels

Aids Rosacea & chronically inflamed skins

No parabens or unnecessary emulsifiers that inhibit absorption of the highly active crucial elements

Works with skins natural anatomy, returning & sustaining life

Advanced clinical VITAMIN breakdown:-

A – molecular structure: Retinaldehyde – performs like prescription grade A without the aggressive side effects or photosensitivity

B – molecular structure: Niacinamide – impedes UV damage, inhibits pigmentation, stabilises hydration levels

C – molecular structure: Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate – advanced stable, lipid soluble C. Protects & stimulates collagen, wound healing humectant (moisture binding)

Innovative PEPTIDES & EGF (epidermal growth factor)

Cellular regeneration is amplified with the merging of DNA corrective vitamins & optimal concentrations of ground breaking, skin essential building blocks


Holistic botanicals utilised in Eastern Medicine for centuries replace the cheap fluffy fillers & synthetic base ingredients