Advanced Facial Treatments

Dermal Solutions offers clinic treatments and advanced facials that are designed for individual skin types and problems. Our therapists have years of experience so you are in safe hands.

Choose from one on our menu below or have our staff tailor make one to suit you with maybe some added serums for an extra boost to your skin. Please feel free to ask any questions about the facial treatments and skin peels. We have all natural products that are Medically Engineered with high quantities of active ingredients for superior results for even the most sensitive skins.

Cranberry Enzyme Peelapplying mask

Cranberry -Lactic + Enzymes + B3 Exfoliant Peeling ingredients:

This peel is suitable for all skin types in need of deep exfolitation.  It is non invasive and remove dead skin cells plus helps with cellular renewal. The express peel has all natural ingredients with a PH of 2.4 for excellent results.

We recommend a vitamin serum plus hydrator to be used post peel and our micronized zinc sunscreen.

Breaks down built up stratum corneum (dead skin cells) leaving the skin feeling soft & hydrated with a firm, clearer & plumped appearance. Reveals new healthy  luminous skin and assists with penetration of following ingredient application.

Anti–Ageing, Firming, Hydrating Treatment

Mango Hydrating / Anti- Ageing Blend (Hydrating Healing) facial treatment has a mild exfoliation during treatment and super hydrating masks for ageing sundamaged skins. Vitamin C Serum is added for an extra boost to the skin with departure serums containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and botanicals. Leaves skin soft and smooth

Clarifying / Oily / Acne Treatment

Perfect detoxifying facial treatment with healing, calming and clearing properties. This treatment gently removes debris, oil and dead skin without over stimulation of oil glands. Reduces inflammation and redness. Promotes healthy oil flow with Vitamin A ( non toxic ) Serum.

Pigmentation  Treatment

Pigmentation is a very common problem today with hormonal problems and sun damage. The pigmentation therapy is designed to decrease melanin production and helps remove unwanted pigmentation. At home products are given to block pigment to stop reformation. Contains Marine Collagen and Lightening Blends with a mild lactic acid.

Sensitive / Calming / Post Laser Treatment

Anti inflammatory, calming facial treatment for inflamed, dry, lipid deficient skin. This treatment will benefit any skin type post peel, post laser or microdermabrasion. Great benefits for Rosacea skin type problems. We will also recommend a home treatment plan to help alleviate red, dry , inflamed skins