Hydro / Micro Treatments


The Similarities

Microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion both use special machines to exfoliate the skin. They both have small wands attached to a tube and a base that is applied to your face, arms, hands, or whatever you wish to have exfoliated. The results to the skin are the same – both types of treatment leave the skin looking fresh, and can even remove fine wrinkles, and blemishes like sun spots. Other than that, these two beauty treatments take off in different directions.

The Differences

microdermMicrodermabrasion is a machine used to blast away dead skin. It is applied and the diamond tips lift off a small amount of dead skin or epidermal layers. The special wand then vacuums up the dead skin cells. This leaves the face looking fresh because the body gears up to replace the layer of skin that you’ve lost. It is not painful and tingles as the wand moves across the skin. The skin can be red and sensitive for about 24 hours following.

Hydrodermabrasion on the other hand, uses water and oxygen serums and a special tip to achieve the same effect. The water is sent through a supersonic nozzle and is applied to the area, then simultaneously vacuums the water and serum from the skin. The water has the extra benefit over the diamond tip microdermabrasion because it moisturizes the new layer of skin underneath the old one, leading to less swelling and redness with longer lasting results. It is not painful. Hydrodermabrasion is definitely the best option if you have very sensitive skin.

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