SHR  Laser & IPL Machines


Triwave is a new diode laser that delivers three wavelengths in one to treat all skin types and hair colours. The three wavelengths combine and are delivered through a 1200 watt powerful cold treatment handpiece for pain free hair removal. 1064nm, 808nm & 755nm are combined together for the best form of hair removal. Other lasers can only deliver one wavelength but Triwave Lasers have superior technology to produce the most efficient results in hair removal. Triwave is more effective as it carefully selects the correct amount of each wavelength depending on sex, hair thickness, colour and skin type.  The operator moves the handpiece up and down the skin with gel with a circular motion to the target area. Hair follicles will be destroyed instantly to eradicate unwanted hair painlessly and permanently.


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  • Wavelength: 1064nm, 810nm, 755nm
  • Screen: 10.4 Inch Full Colour LCD
  • Max Output: 129 J/CM2
  • Pulse Width:1 – 200 ms
  • Spot Size: 12 x 12 mm
  • Frequency: 1 – 10 Htz
  • Input Power: 3000 w
  • Output Power: 1200 w treatment head
  • 100 Million Shots
  • USA Laser Stack Head
  • Waterproof Sapphire Crystal Handpiece
  • Alma Laser Connector
  • Dual Internal Filter System



The new system combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsating light to remove hair at a faster more effective rate. Difficult hairs can be treated through In Motion technology for operator speed, patient comfort and better protection of the skin.

Why? It provides a gradual thermal rise to the target therapeutic temperature without risk of injury. It eliminates the common problem of missed or skipped areas with comprehensive coverage to legs, arms and backs.

Normal IPL with Multipulse modes focuses energy on one pulse, so it is easy to burn the client, however, SHR emits a single pulse mode for safer treatments. The SHR filtered violet light and infrared light will absorb water targeting the skin with no side effects.

SHR accelerates operation speed and shortens the time for treatments with 1 – 10 HZ.

Moving the head along the skin with a faster repetition rate of shots fired per millisecond requires less time per treatment. This is a combination of laser technology mixed with IPL so no down time, no burns, better results, faster treatments and no pain for client comfort.

The SHR / SSR machine comes in different combinations to suit client needs.

  1. SHR / SSR ( no filters required – rolling heads for speed )
  2. SHR / IPL  (filters need to be used on the IPL handpiece – SHR rolling head )
  3. SHR/ SSR / RF ( skin tightening head )
  4. SHR / IPL / RF (skin tightening head )


  •     TGA Listed /  FDA / ISO and  European Medical CE certified.

  •     Pain Free – Cold handpiece technology allows for pain free hair reduction treatments.

  •     The speed of the equipment is faster and more effective

  •     Powerful technology –  Faster Shots – Less Heat

  •     More Capacitors – No waiting time during treatments

  •     American Xenon lamps offer superior treatment

  •     Continuous pulse width and length for superior performance – SHR Rolling Head

  •     Professional On Site Training – Qualified Trainers – Government Accredited Courses

  •     Free Marketing Material  – Starter Pack included

  •     Finance available – Flexirent Options

  •     On-going service, support and further training

Our medically engineered equipment offers your clients the latest state of the art machines that are affordable yet capable of the most high end professional treatments.  SHR rolling hair removal systems treat most skin types and hair colours including red and blond hair. They will also treat skin types 1 – 5 with great results to keep your client’s skin looking younger and more vibrant. The anti – ageing protocol will help with collagen renewal, fibroblast production, pigmentation and vascular lesions. Delivered by one of the most powerful equipment available.

TRAINING:  Dermal Solutions offers clinic owners training courses that are government accredited in IPL and Laser or a certificate course in SHR Training and  Laser Safety is $3500 plus gst.

FINANCE:   Option are available to approved applicants to rent, lease or buy.  Payments can be tailored over 2,3,4 or 5 years and are 100% tax deductable. A deposit may be required for new business but may no be required for existing business’s.

Offers you fast easy finance with an online form for loans over $5000 with repayments up to 84 months if required. No face to face meetings, so finance is fast and affordable. You can apply for machine purchasers plus training or course fees


  • What am I purchasing?
  • How do I compare Specifications and pricing?
  • Am I buying an inferior or superior machine?

What to look for:

  • Strong amount of heat Joules/Fluence 1-50
  • Fast Repetition 1-10 Hertz
  • Continuous Shots 1-60 seconds without stopping
  • Rolling heads with Sapphire Crystal.
  • Cold Treatment Head Minus 4 degrees
  • Pulse Widths 1-20 MS (SHR)
  • Treatment Handpieces 1 Million Shots
  • SSR 560nm-950nm
  • SHR 690nm-950nm
  • 2500 Watts
  • 15X50 Spot size for both SHR/SSR
  • Air cooled, Intercooled, Water Cooled system
  • German Motors, Japanese Parts, American Xenon Lamp
  • 8.4 Inch Colour Touch Screen
  • 6 Capacitors
  • 14 hr Continuous Working Time

Inferior Quality Machines

  • 1-25 Joules/Fluence
  • Pulse Width 1-15ms
  • Cold treatment head minus 2 degrees
  • Treatment Handpieces 300,000 shots
  • SSR 570-950nm
  • SHR 650-950NM
  • 15X50 Spot size for SHR, 12X33 Spot Size for SSR
  • 3 or 4 Capacitors
  • 4-6 hr Continuous Working Time
  • Fire in Pulses not Hertz


The Dermalite Portable IPL offers 3 different wavelengths for hair removal, 640, 690, 755nm for blonde, red and dark hair removal treatments. The large spot size of 15 x 50 offers operator ease in treatments with a very cold treatment head.  The integrated cooling system is the best on the market today reaching -5 degrees for superior comfort and speed.


1. Hair Removal

2. Pigmentation Removal

3. Vascular Treatments – Spider Veins

4. Skin Rejuvenation

5. Acne Treatments


Handpieces: 1 x IPL or 1 x SHR

Pulse Energy: 10 – 50 J/cm2

Pulse Sequence: 1 – 20 Pulses – adjustable

Pulse Delivery: 2 – 60 ms

Spot Size Options: 8 x 40, 12 x 40, 15 x 35 – (15 x 50 SHR Optional 690 – 950 NM )

Pulse Width: 2 – 20 ms

Filters: 420, 530, 560, 640 – 1200nm, 690 / 750 – 1200nm optional

Full Colour 10 x 4 cm Touch Screen

SHR Repetition Rate: 1- 10 HZ

SHR Shots: 1 – 60 seconds

SHR Energy: 1 – 36 jcm/2 or 1 – 50 jcm/2

Operating Interface: New Pre Programmed Touch Screen ( Pulses, Skin Type etc)

Options: IPL – ELIGHT – SHR

Cooling Head: New Triple Cooling System For Treatment Head

Adjustable Cooling Head

Integrated Skin Cooling: -4 to 0 degrees

Cooling System: Water, Forced Air & Semi Conductor Cooling

American Xenon Lamp with 100,000 shots maximum, 300,000 shots for SHR

TGA, ISO, FDA, CE Medical Device Class IIA approvals

One Year Extended Warranty Parts Replacement

Client & Operator Goggles

Manual & Large Carry Case

8.4’’ intelligent touch screen interface system, easier to operate with standard and professional mode

Filters coated by advanced film plating to make it more effective
Self-inspection system
Light protective handpiece – will not shoot if filter inserted incorrectly
Every treatment method has high performance from extensive clinical studies
Accurate energy output, to meet ideal operating environments
Advanced integrated cooling system with water & air & semiconductor
Modular design  -easier to check, upgrade and maintain.